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Newsletter 37


Princess Kiya was one of the wives of Akhenaten and, it is thought, the mother of
Tutankhamun. She wrote this love poem to her husband.

“I will breathe the sweet breath which comes forth from your lips;
I will behold your beauty every day.
My prayer is to hear your voice, sweet like the north breeze.
Your limbs will be young in life, through my love of you, and you will give me your arms which bear your spirit.
I will receive it, and live through it and you will call out my name for eternity;
it will never fail on your lips.”

from Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes>>

Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life

On Thursday November 20th I’ll be doing an illustrated talk/demonstration called ‘Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life’ at Nature in Art in Gloucester UK.

I will recreate an ancient Egyptian temple on my computer right before your eyes (projected on the wall) and then read selected passages from my book ‘Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes’
Doors open 7.00pm. Finger buffet 7.30pm. Finish 9.30pm.

 Name the Pharaoh

I’ve just made a few small updates to the Discovering Egypt site – Name the Pharaoh
See if you can recognize the cartouches of six Pharaohs. (bottom left column)

Saving Egypt’s Oldest Pyramid a National Geographic Video

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara, is falling apart – ravaged by looters, earthquakes and the erosive force of 4600 years a team of British and Egyptian experts have been working to rescue this first pyramid’

Go to this page a scroll to the bottom to see the video

Ramses’ Great Horses >>

Ramses' Great Horses
Ramses’ Great Horses

Museum Plans to Restore Ancient Egyptian Throne Room

UK campaigners request Egyptian help to restore ancient statue to public view

Ancient lives, new discoveries, an exhibition at the British Museum

Closes on 30 November 2014
This exhibition focuses on the discovery of eight very different mummies, each with their own identities and stories, something which the exhibition will help the viewer to discover, as well as explaining to viewers the different mummification techniques, and how it reflects on the lives of the people who were mummified.

This page reviews each mummified person with video documentary so If you can’t make the exhibition check out the link below.

Newsletter 36

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

I’ve just completed a new chapter to my website on the Egyptian Gods. About 3000 words of text describing 25 gods and goddesses illustrated with 28 images.
*Click Here* to find out more

Mummy portrait of a young woman, 3rd century,

Mummy portraits are realistic paintings of people’s faces that were attached to the mummy case. They were panted on wooden plastered boards using the encaustic method – a medium which involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added.

Painted Cartonnage (plastered linen) mummy cases date back to pharaonic times, but mummy portraits were an innovation during the Roman occupation of Egypt.
*Click Here* to find out more

 Was it was a thirst for beer, and not bread making, that turned early humans from foragers into farmers.”

If you like Egyptian themed horror movies checkout The Pyramid trailer

Tales of Egypt – a game for kids – annoying music but you can turn it off.
Keyboard controls are:- Move = W,A,S,D, J = Attack / Pick, up K = Jump, L = Special attack.
*Click Here*

More than 1000 glyphs including 400 Egyptian word examples and over 500 hieroglyphs from the Gardiner list. The history of Egyptian writing and mathematics, the use of the different types of symbols, how to write your name, how to recognize kings names and the story of the scribe.

All content can be printed including typewriter and calculator functions. There are also navagation and search text functions. You can quickly write names and short secret messages and then select print from the menu.

Newsletter 35

As promised here is the first of my shorter but more regular newsletters



I’ve just published a new page on Cleopatra – it also features a Documentary on her life.

 Discovering Tutankhamun

Summer exhibition Discovering Tutankhamun tells the story of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Find out more about the hunt for the tomb and the thrill of its discovery, and see Howard Carter’s original records, drawings and photographs.

Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet

Some people complained that this page wasn’t on my new Discovering Egypt website.
I must admit I for got it along with the quizzes – which I’ll restore soon.

so here it is Game of Senet page

 Ridley Scott’s Biblical Epic Exodus

I’ve always admired Ridley Scott’s integrity as a film director but check this out – in his latest film ‘Exodus’ he has populated ancient Egypt with white Anglo Saxons. I could understand such ning-com-poopery from a lesser artist of the big screen but find it incomprehensible from Ridley Scott. What do you think?

More than 1000 glyphs including 400 Egyptian word examples and over 500 hieroglyphs from the Gardiner list. The history of Egyptian writing and mathematics, the use of the different types of symbols, how to write your name, how to recognize kings names and the story of the scribe.

All content can be printed including typewriter and calculator functions. There are also navagation and search text functions. You can quickly write names and short secret messages and then select print from the menu.

Newsletter 34

websiteAt last I’ve completely redesigned the Discovering Egypt website. The new and improved site will automatically adjust itself to all devices – computers, tablets and mobile phones. Most of the text and images have been updated, as well as some new content such as the ‘Rosetta Stone’ and the ‘List of Egyptian Dynasties’ now from the old kingdom to the end of the late period. In fact there is so much that’s change I’m going devote most of this newsletter to describing the website and its new features.


The format of future newsletters will also change. Rather than long newsletters, which I never do when I’m working on time consuming projects, I’m going to make shorter missives and more often.

The Website

There is a new ‘Search Box’ for more accurate key word searches and there is also a new ‘Language Translate’ drop down. Most pages also have a ‘Print Friendly Button’ which allows a print preview with the option to delete elements such as ads before you print the page, thus saving your ink.
Mentuhotep II’s Chapel Discovered Below City Streets Near Abydos
I’ve reduced the main categories in the top navigation bar to Hieroglyphs, Hieroglyphic Typewriter, Pyramids & Temples, Kings & Queens, Mummies, Videos and 3D Temples.


The Egyptian Mathematics Numbers now includes hieroglyphic fractions and a completely redesigned maths problem section where you can check your answers instantly

Mystery of the Rosetta Stone – This is a band new article

Hieroglyphic Typewriter – I’ve removed the print button from the keyboard – you can still print using your browser’s print function. I’m  going to use this space on the keyboard from something else – not decided yet.
Persian King Cambyses lost an army of 50,000 men in the Egyptian desert near Thebes. The troops were thought to have been swallowed by a sand dune. Egyptologist Olaf Kaper has another more convincing theory – that they were defeated in an ambush by the Egyptian rebel leader Petubastis III *Click Here*

Pyramids & Temples

While I was working on my last project for Imaginarium I made a lot of extra content which I’m incorporating into the website. I created a 3D world of Thebes and built in the ability to make other images and videos later using the same scene. If you go to the Pyramids & Temples section and check out the Karnak and Luxor pages you will see these new images and videos.
I’ve also updated all of the other temples pages and am in the process of creating a new section about Egyptian cities, which will appear on the site over the coming months:- the first will be a description of the cities of Memphis and Thebes.
The Ancient Egyptian invention that made everything else possible

Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens now includes Crowns & headdresses, the dynasty list has been redesigned and now includes the Late Period.
Tutankhamun the Boy King is new and I’m also working on Cleopatra.

Ancient Egypt word search puzzle to print for kids

Egyptian Mummification

Egyptian Mummification has new text and illustrations and still has the brilliant video lecture by Robert Brier
Wen-Amon’s Forgotten Passport: A Tale from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Documentaries

Over the years I’ve received many emails asking ‘do you know where I can find  John Romer documentaries’. So check out  John Romer’s Ancient Lives in the video section which has been completely reworked. I’ve been more discriminating on the documentaries that I’ve included and have divided them into subjects starting with Kings and Queens – Sneferu, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Nefertiti, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Scorpion King, Cleopatra and the Faraon Royal Procession.Then there is a Miscellaneous Collection of documentaries which include :- Building the Great Pyramid, Mummification (Bob Brier), John Romer Ancient Lives, Animal Mummies, Rosetta Stone, Library of Alexandria and The City of Heracleion Discovered. If you have any recommendation please send the link for me to review.
Remains of Ancient Egyptian Epidemic Uncovered

Rebuilding Ancient Egyptian Temples in 3D

I’ve removed some older ‘dated’ stuff and am making new 3D reconstructions using more up to date technology. Over the past year I’ve got into populating my temple reconstructions with people. Having ancient Egyptians in the scene gives a sense of scale. So over the next few months this part of the website will have my latest reconstructions and also feature some of the ancient Egyptian people I’ve made.
4,000-Year-Old Elite Tomb Unearthed in Luxor, Egypt

My new art gallery

Check out the Battle of Kadesh
How Cleopatra’s Needle got to Central Park

Newsletter 033


Ancient Letters

Spell for the protection of a baby

May you perish, he who creeps in from the darkness with his nose behind him and his head averted.
May his purpose fail.

May you perish, she who creeps in from the darkness with her nose behind her and her head averted.
May her purpose fail.

Have you come to kiss this child?
I will not let you kiss him.
Have you come to cause silence?
I will not let you put silence into him.

Have you come to hurt him?
I will not let you hurt him.
Have you come to take him?
I will not let you take him from me.

I have provided his protection against you.
From Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes

I’ve not been doing anything for quite some time – my six year old son was run down by a car in October so I’ve had other priorities. He’s OK now and back to his exuberant self thank god. He was in a coma for a time and the most critical factors for his survival was the Air Ambulance (a charity here in UK) which flew him to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the National Health Service ICU at that hospital – without which he would have died.  I now realize all the criticism of the NHS I heard when I lived in the USA, is merely politically motivated nonsense.

Anyway, this is the first new newsletter in the WordPress format and I hope you like it. The pages are more graphical and there is an element of interaction – you can leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

As well as the usual stuff you will find some of the best of the old newsletter articles as well as a slide show of the graphical headers from all the old newsletters. I have completed three new projects; a reconstruction of Edfu temple, a free app called ‘Karnak – Second Court’ for MAC, Windows and iPad and ‘Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ for Windows (still working on the MAC version)

All the best Mark

Over 1000 glyphs including 400 word examples and 500 examples from the Gardiner list. Subjects include writing, mathematics, the use of the different types of symbols, how to write your name, how to recognize kings names and the story of the scribe. All content can be printed including typewriter and calculator functions. There are also navigation and search text functions. *Click Here*

Riddle of rotating Egyptian statue

Who Are The Copts?

The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gibt or Gypt. It literally means Egyptian. The Arabs, after their conquest of Egypt in 641 AD, called the population of Egypt Gypt, from the Greek word Egyptos or Egypt. *Click Here*

Queen TiyeThe faces of Ancient Egypt.
This is interesting – there over 400 images of ancient Egyptian faces on Mathilda’s Anthropology Blog.
*Click Here*

The design of the Snefru pyramids at Dahshur and the Netjerikhet pyramid at Saqqara. *Click Here*

‘Meat Mummies’ Packed lunches for the dead during their trip into eternity.
*Click Here*

Pyramid Age love story comes to life in Egyptian tomb art. *Click Here*

De-constructing History: The Great Pyramid

This is a History Channel Video about the Great Pyramid. – Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza weighs 6.5 million tons? Get the facts on what makes this ancient wonder a true architectural marvel. *Click Here*

My Favourites from Old Newsletters

Theban Mapping Project – Archaeological database of Thebes >> >>

Pharaoh’s Tomb – on-line game >>

Egyptian Fonts

Amarna – 3D Reconstruction >>

More of this in the next Newsletter.



Remains of 4,500-Year-Old Port Near Giza Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian SCHOOL unearthed – complete with lessons on how to behave.

New Pharaoh Found in Egypt: Photos.

What the new Pharaoh tells us about ancient Egypt.

4,600-year-old step pyramid uncovered in Egypt.

Unearthed: Stunning 3,600-year-old sarcophagus with feather patterns.

Tomb of ancient Egypt’s beer maker discovered.

Ancient Dogs Found Buried in Pots in Egypt.

I’ve updated my Pyramids of Giza web page with new images *Click Here*

Exhibitions and Lectures

WHEN THE GREEKS RULED EGYPT – Art Institute of Chicago to July 2014

 Lost Egypt for kids at the Connecticut Science Center.

The British Museum’s new Ancient Egyptian gallery

Hieroglyphic Typewriter – now available free for the iPhone
Free from the Google Chrome Web Store  Install it on your computer (11,677 users) Web version

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