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Ramesseum Second Court Limited Edition

Ramesseum Second Court

Ramesseum Second Court Limited Edition

The Ramesseum is the mortuary temple (public tomb) of Pharaoh Ramesses II. It is located in the Theban necropolis on the western side of the Nile near the modern city of Luxor.

Today the remains of the second court include the Osiride portico in front of the hypostyle hall. Its Osiride pillars and columns together with the scattered remains of the two seated granite statues of the king give an idea of the building’s original splendour.

This reconstruction shows an elderly pharaoh, possibly Ramesses II, and his entourage in the foreground. To the left are three priests consulting papyrus scrolls, in the background we can see and elderly priest being helped down the steps and in front of the left statue four priests are bowing before an offering table.

Ramesseum Second Court is a limited Edition print. Each print is made with light fast inks and printed on 305gsm museum quality Hahnemuhle fine art paper.

The quality is exceptional and if framed with acid free mount card and board will retain its detail and colour for around 200 years.

Each print is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication. Paper size 19 inches (48cm) wide by 13 high (33cm) The edition is limited to just 200 world wide.

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