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Voyage to the Divine Union Feast Poster

Voyage to the Divine Union Feast Poster

The picture depicts a moment in Hathor’s 106 mile journey from Dendara to the temple of Horus at Edfu, which she did each year to visit her husband Horus at the feast of the Divine Union. Each night the ceremonial barge, carrying the statues of the goddess, would stop off at towns and villages to rest in a barque station (a sort of ancient motel for the gods)

Blessing would have been bestowed on the local community and there would have been a welcoming celebration by the people.

The scene takes place in an unnamed town connected to the Nile by a cannel with its own chapel. The ceremonial barque, carrying the enclosed statue of the goddess, is aboard a cannel barge, manned by oarsmen. The passengers include the high priestess from the temple of Hathor and her entourage, some of whom are singing and playing musical instruments as the barge comes into dock.

On the dock-side are the local officials and their families who are there to greet the goddess. In the foreground between the two obelisks stand an old priest and next to him a large man who is probably the local mayor/headman. Behind them stand a line of young men, they are the litter bearers who will carry the sacred barque from the barge to the barque chapel.

To the right, on the dock steps are two boys – their heads are shaved and they wear the side lock of youth. I don’t think they are interested in the event and are focused on playing in the water.

Printed on Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm

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