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Luxor Temple Court of Rameses II

The great Court of Rameses II is 188 feet (57 m) long and 168 feet (51 m) wide. Seventy four papyrus columns, with bud capitals surround it and in the Northwest corner of the court there is a shrine to Thutmose III, while in the southern part of the court there are a number of standing colossi of Ramses II.

The court to the east is now partly occupied by the Mosque of al-Hajjaj.


Two 80ft (25m) obelisks once stood here. One remains the other stands in Paris.

Pylon of Ramses IIluxorMapThumb1
Two towers 24 meters high, 65 meters wide and carved in sunken relief

Court of Rameses IIluxorMapThumb2
188 feet (57 m) long, 168 feet (51 m) wide and surrounded with 74 papyrus columns.

Amenhotep III Colonnade
Seven pairs of 52 foot (16m) high open-flower papyrus columns.

Court of Amonhotep IIIluxorMapThumb3
148ft long (45 m), 184ft wide (56 m), with papyrus columns on three sides.

Avenue of Sphinxes luxorMapThumb4
Karnak and Luxor temples were once connected by an avenue of  sphinxes


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Luxor Temple Court of Rameses II