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Temple of Amenhotep III

The Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III, a mortuary monument ten times bigger than any other in Egypt. However, it’s close proximity to the Nile left it exposed to flooding, and it collapsed within 200 years of its construction.

Dr Hourig Sourouzian describes her goal to excavate site and then restore the objects found to their original positions. Then create detailed maps and models of how the building might once have looked.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs


More than 1000 glyphs including 400 Egyptian word examples and over 500 hieroglyphs from the Gardiner list. The history of Egyptian writing and mathematics, the use of the different types of symbols, how to write your name, how to recognize kings names and the story of the scribe.

All content can be printed including typewriter and calculator functions. There are also navagation and search text functions. You can quickly write names and short secret messages and then select print from the menu.

Temple of Amenhotep III