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Newsletter 34

websiteAt last I’ve completely redesigned the Discovering Egypt website. The new and improved site will automatically adjust itself to all devices – computers, tablets and mobile phones. Most of the text and images have been updated, as well as some new content such as the ‘Rosetta Stone’ and the ‘List of Egyptian Dynasties’ now from the old kingdom to the end of the late period. In fact there is so much that’s change I’m going devote most of this newsletter to describing the website and its new features.


The format of future newsletters will also change. Rather than long newsletters, which I never do when I’m working on time consuming projects, I’m going to make shorter missives and more often.

The Website

There is a new ‘Search Box’ for more accurate key word searches and there is also a new ‘Language Translate’ drop down. Most pages also have a ‘Print Friendly Button’ which allows a print preview with the option to delete elements such as ads before you print the page, thus saving your ink.
Mentuhotep II’s Chapel Discovered Below City Streets Near Abydos
I’ve reduced the main categories in the top navigation bar to Hieroglyphs, Hieroglyphic Typewriter, Pyramids & Temples, Kings & Queens, Mummies, Videos and 3D Temples.


The Egyptian Mathematics Numbers now includes hieroglyphic fractions and a completely redesigned maths problem section where you can check your answers instantly

Mystery of the Rosetta Stone – This is a band new article

Hieroglyphic Typewriter – I’ve removed the print button from the keyboard – you can still print using your browser’s print function. I’m  going to use this space on the keyboard from something else – not decided yet.
Persian King Cambyses lost an army of 50,000 men in the Egyptian desert near Thebes. The troops were thought to have been swallowed by a sand dune. Egyptologist Olaf Kaper has another more convincing theory – that they were defeated in an ambush by the Egyptian rebel leader Petubastis III *Click Here*

Pyramids & Temples

While I was working on my last project for Imaginarium I made a lot of extra content which I’m incorporating into the website. I created a 3D world of Thebes and built in the ability to make other images and videos later using the same scene. If you go to the Pyramids & Temples section and check out the Karnak and Luxor pages you will see these new images and videos.
I’ve also updated all of the other temples pages and am in the process of creating a new section about Egyptian cities, which will appear on the site over the coming months:- the first will be a description of the cities of Memphis and Thebes.
The Ancient Egyptian invention that made everything else possible

Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens now includes Crowns & headdresses, the dynasty list has been redesigned and now includes the Late Period.
Tutankhamun the Boy King is new and I’m also working on Cleopatra.

Ancient Egypt word search puzzle to print for kids

Egyptian Mummification

Egyptian Mummification has new text and illustrations and still has the brilliant video lecture by Robert Brier
Wen-Amon’s Forgotten Passport: A Tale from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Documentaries

Over the years I’ve received many emails asking ‘do you know where I can find  John Romer documentaries’. So check out  John Romer’s Ancient Lives in the video section which has been completely reworked. I’ve been more discriminating on the documentaries that I’ve included and have divided them into subjects starting with Kings and Queens – Sneferu, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Nefertiti, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Scorpion King, Cleopatra and the Faraon Royal Procession.Then there is a Miscellaneous Collection of documentaries which include :- Building the Great Pyramid, Mummification (Bob Brier), John Romer Ancient Lives, Animal Mummies, Rosetta Stone, Library of Alexandria and The City of Heracleion Discovered. If you have any recommendation please send the link for me to review.
Remains of Ancient Egyptian Epidemic Uncovered

Rebuilding Ancient Egyptian Temples in 3D

I’ve removed some older ‘dated’ stuff and am making new 3D reconstructions using more up to date technology. Over the past year I’ve got into populating my temple reconstructions with people. Having ancient Egyptians in the scene gives a sense of scale. So over the next few months this part of the website will have my latest reconstructions and also feature some of the ancient Egyptian people I’ve made.
4,000-Year-Old Elite Tomb Unearthed in Luxor, Egypt

My new art gallery

Check out the Battle of Kadesh
How Cleopatra’s Needle got to Central Park

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