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Newsletter 45 Chinese version of the Hieroglyphic Typewriter

Happy New year may it be prosperous for you.

I would like to say, being a fan of David Bowie, I saw him when he was Ziggy Stardust and what we heard and saw on stage that night was astonishingly new; we don’t get that with the current generation of factory manufactured pop stars.

I’m 60 today and my two kids (eight and five years old) said I’m the best dad in the universe – you can’t get a better birthday present than that.

I’ve been giving some thought to my old art works – there is a lot of it going back to the 1970’s – I might start a new blog on my website to include the whole body of my work and not just my most recent stuff. I’ll let you know if I get it off the ground.

I’ve been making a few updates to the website and am now happy with the way it works on the iPad.

For a bit of fun and with the help of He Xuelin we’ve made a Chinese version of the Hieroglyphic Typewriter so if you are Chinese or have a Chinese friend send them the link. I like the idea of getting Chinese people sending messages to each other in ancient Egyptian.

埃及象形字打字机 你的消息


I’ve also made a few adjustments to the mobile version of the Hieroglyphic Typewriter – remember you slide the key board from right to left – also there are two keyboards with 56 hieroglyph symbols.

Hieroglyphic Typewriter for Mobile Phone
Chinese version of the Hieroglyphic Typewriter

Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom

Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom

If you live in New York go and see ‘Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve not been there for many years – let me know what it’s like.
The exhibition opens with an eight foot statue of the 11th-dynasty king Mentuhotep II and has 230 objects from the Middle Kingdom period of Egyptian civilization.

The Sed-festival – Renewal of the kings Rule and Health By Jimmy Dunn
This significant celebration was a ritual during which the king’s right to rule and his royal powers were renewed.

Supreme Council of Antiquities archaeological site List

6 thoughts on “Newsletter 45 Chinese version of the Hieroglyphic Typewriter”

  1. dear Mark, I have been a fan of yours since you began and l look forward to your news letters. however my computer is now entering its final throes and several purges have resulted in losing contact with you. I am hoping to rectify the situation soon. In the meantime may I draw your attention yo a company who produced a card construction of a temple. They still produce such things as medieval farms but the temple has long since gone. Would you be able to resurrect this under your banner? Very sincerely Jim .

  2. Hi Jim

    you’re subscribed to my website. So as long as you use this email address you will be able to keep in contact.
    I’m busy on other projects at the moment so will not be able to do anything with the card thing.

    Thanks Mark

  3. Mark. I never knew your website existed, hence my comment. For my own interest, I just compared your Bird section of your hieroglyphs with those available to me. I am using Ray Johnsons Basic Hieroglyphia by permission of the Copyright owner, which contains some 3000 hieroglyphs, including the Phonetic ones. He listed 240 Bird hieroglyphs and Bird part hieroglyphs. Just thought, you may be interested in this information.

    This enabled me to transliterate the Kariong glyphs and double check Ray Johnsons transliteration, as well as transliterate the Cairo A segment of the Palermo stone, which to my surprise reffered to a common woman, not a queen, who crossed the Nile by boat, to have her son made Pharaoh.

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