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Newsletter 50 Unearthed Dark Secrets of the Pyramid

How Did Ancient Egyptians Build Pyramids Quickly? (Trailer)

Ancient Egyptians Used This Method to Build Tall Structures (Trailer)

Science Channel – Unearthed Dark Secrets of the Pyramid (2016) Full Documentary

New evidence could help solve the Great Pyramid’s mysteries

Archaeologists are now exploring an ancient security mechanism consisting of an intricate system of blocks, grooves and shafts that was installed in the Great Pyramid of Giza over 4,500 years ago to protect the mummified body of Pharaoh Khufu (also known as Cheops) and his treasures from grave robbers.

7 thoughts on “Newsletter 50 Unearthed Dark Secrets of the Pyramid”

  1. to much is made of this…Napoleon was not impressed when he visited them ….. neither am i. sick and tired of it been said we could not build pyramids today bs ! we can travel to other planets the reason we dont build pyramids is because we have no reason to!

  2. Hi Warren
    I do find the pyramids impressive because of their massive size – Karnak is aesthetically more impressive. Napoleon’s judgements were faulty in many areas so his opinion is not relevant. I agree that technically we could build similar structures but health and safety and trade unions would make it an impossible task. What’s impressive is that early Egyptian society had the means to logistically organise the construction of such vast edifices. Something we moderns have only been able to do relatively recently.

  3. No one ever comments on how the inside of the great pyramid was built, only theories about the outside

  4. Some years ago there was a competition to build a pyramid in Egypt. Guess what it was a disaster, no one could do it, not even with today’s modern equipment.

  5. Hi Mark
    I am very impressed with your web site and find it very interesting. I am a student in Egyptology, and a while back I copied some information from you which I would like to use in my dissertation. But I cannot find the date for the publication! Could you please assist me? It is: Sun Temple Reconstruction

    Thank you for the valuable and entertaining information. Your hieroglyphs are wonderful!

    Kind regards

  6. Hi Mark, please can you tell me if ever a drawing , a carving or other , that resembles the Ark of the Covenant been found in any of thef the Pyramids or Temples .
    Very interesting information you give
    Thank you

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