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Newsletter 56 Romer’s Egypt all three Episodes

Newsletter 56 Romer's Egypt All three EpisodesNewsletter 56 Romer’s Egypt all three Episodes

I’m making the next few newsletters a tribute to John Romer He is one of the best known television presenters of ancient history and, like me, began as an artist then discovered archaeology through his art. His knowledge is expressed with humour, without being overly academic and a poignant respect for ancient peoples.

I first came across his work after my first expedition to Egypt in 1982. After my second day back in the UK I switched on the telly and was mesmerised by the initial episode of Romer’s Egypt. This was his first television series broadcast on BBC2 and spans Egyptian history from 5000BC to 30BC. The series has never been made available for sale on DVD and this You Tube reproduction of the three episodes was salvaged from a VHS recording. So it’s a bit rough in quality but  well worth watching for its rarity and the unique character of John Romer.

Romer’s Egypt Episode One 5000BC – 2215BC

Romer’s Egypt Episode Two 2700BC – 1070BC

Romer’s Egypt Episode Three 1570BC – 30BC

John Romer Egyptologist – Wikipedia

John Romer resource page

Newsletter 56 Romer’s Egypt all three Episodes

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  1. Thank you for Romer’s videos on the history of ancient Egypt,very entertaining and informative,even the background music.

  2. Thank you so much Mark for posting these. I wish we could get the original series released in its entirety on DVDs. Perhaps someday!

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