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How the Ancient Egyptians tried to live after death

The Book of the Dead contained the instructions to live after death

Book of the Dead exhibit at Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago showcases ancient beliefs, rituals

Foy Scalf, head of research archives at the Oriental Institute, discusses the Book of the Dead exhibit.

How the Ancient Egyptians tried to live after death

8 thoughts on “How the Ancient Egyptians tried to live after death”

  1. I always look forward to my Discovering Egypt emails. We were in Egypt November last year for ten days. Loved and will cherish every moment there. Completely safe everywhere we went.

  2. Egypt which is the oldest country in the world is so beautiful to date am proud to call myself a descendant of Misraim,Masara,Misra, Mitsrayan. I also appreciate the sector of Egyptology engaged in discoveries.
    Thank you.
    Abdinoor Masara

  3. “The book of the Dead” will give some of us a sense of purpose of why we here cause of us is lost in the sauce so thank you

  4. I find this very interesting and would like to see more.
    I am finding it difficult to see clear images of these peoples of the ancient Egyptians.
    Of what I can see, shows the Egyptian people quit different in appearance than what is
    shown today basically, on TV or movies of today. Does the people of today in television
    and movies not know about the ancient Egyptians or just want to satify current thinking of what they themselves want to portray.
    I think it is wrong of people today attempting to influences or change past history.
    i personally, would like to see more of your history. i began reading the Bible lately and am finding out things that I was told and heard earlier in Churches that doesn’t seem true.
    Thanks you.

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