Karnak Temple Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III

Festival Hall of Thutmose III
Festival Hall of Thutmose III

Thutmose III named it the “Most Splendid of Monuments”. Its entrance was originally flanked by two statues of the king wearing a festival costume. The roof is supported on the outside by thirty-two square pillars, while the inside is supported by tent pole style columns symbolising the military tent that Thutmose would have used on campaign.

On the northeast end is a stairway leading to a room called the “Chamber of the Clepsydras”. Clepsydras were water clocks made from a stone vessel with a tiny hole at the bottom which allowed water to drip at a constant rate. The passage of hours could be measured from marks spaced at different levels. The priests at Karnak temple used them at night to determine the correct hour to perform religious rites.

Karnak Temple Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III

First pylon
The first pylon was built by the Ethiopian kings (656 BC).

The Great Court
This vast Court holds the Kiosk of Tahraqa and the Second Pylon.

Ramesses III Chapel
First court is lined with Osride statues of Ramesses III

Hypostyle hall
Still the largest room of any religious building in the world

Tuthmosis III Hall
Obelisk of Hatshepsut & Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III

The Sacred Lake
The lake is 129 X 77 meters and was used for ritual navigation.

Thutmose III Pylon
The pylon shows Thutmose smiting his enemies.

Temple of Khonsu
Temple of the moon god Khonsu – son of Amun and Mut.



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