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Karnak Temple Sacred Lake

Karnak Temple Sacred Lake
Karnak Temple Sacred Lake

Karnak Temple Sacred Lake is the largest of its kind and was dug by Tuthmosis III (1473-1458 BC). It measures 393 feet (120m) by 252 feet (77m) and is lined with stone wall and has stairways descending into the water.

The lake was used by the priests for ritual washing and ritual navigation. It was also home to the sacred geese of Amun (the goose being another symbol of Amun) and was a symbol of the primeval waters from which life arose in the ancient Egyptian’s idea of creation.

It was surrounded by storerooms and living quarters for the priests. There was also an aviary for aquatic birds.
Karnak Temple bird's eye view

Karnak Temple First pylon
First pylon
The first pylon was built by the Ethiopian kings (656 BC).

Karnak Temple The Great Court
The Great Court
This vast Court holds the Kiosk of Tahraqa and the Second Pylon.

Karnak Temple Ramesses III Chapel
Ramesses III Chapel
First court is lined with Osride statues of Ramesses III

Karnak Temple Hypostyle hall
Hypostyle hall
Still the largest room of any religious building in the world

Karnak Temple Tuthmosis III Hall
Tuthmosis III Hall
Obelisk of Hatshepsut & Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III

Karnak Temple The Sacred Lake
The Sacred Lake
The lake is 129 X 77 meters and was used for ritual navigation.

Karnak Temple Thutmose III Pylon
Thutmose III Pylon
The pylon shows Thutmose smiting his enemies.

Karnak Temple Temple of Khonsu
Temple of Khonsu
Temple of the moon god Khonsu – son of Amun and Mut.


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