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Karnak Temple the pylon of Thutmose III

Colossi of Thutmose III – Thutmose III smiting his enemies

The seventh pylon shows Thutmose III wearing the red crown and smiting his enemies with a club. there is also a list of 119 Palestinian towns that were conquered during his first campaigns and a further 240 names cities between Labanon and the Euphrates which he took in year 33rd of his reign during his eighth campaign. Two badly damaged colossi site in front of the pylon. But these statues were carved in hard red Aswan granite and the remaining parts are still well defined.

The first court behind the seventh pylon is called the court of the Cachette because 20,000 statues and stelae were discovered buried there at the beginning of the twentieth century; the largest find of statuary ever made in Egypt

Egyptologists believe these objects were votive offerings given by devout worshipers to the temple. Over time the collection grew so numerous and cluttered the priests, unable to remove such sacred objects from the precinct, had buried them to clear some space.

Before the seventh innermost pylon, is the eighth, ninth and tenth which is the last pylon at Karnak. Horemheb built the Tenth Pylon by reusing stone blocks from a temple built by Akhenaten.

Karnak Temple the pylon of Thutmose III

First pylon
The first pylon was built by the Ethiopian kings (656 BC).

The Great Court
This vast Court holds the Kiosk of Tahraqa and the Second Pylon.

Ramesses III Chapel
First court is lined with Osride statues of Ramesses III

Hypostyle hall
Still the largest room of any religious building in the world

Tuthmosis III Hall
Obelisk of Hatshepsut & Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III

The Sacred Lake
The lake is 129 X 77 meters and was used for ritual navigation.

Thutmose III Pylon
The pylon shows Thutmose smiting his enemies.

Temple of Khonsu
Temple of the moon god Khonsu – son of Amun and Mut.



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