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The festival Barque of Hathor part three

The festival Barque of Hathor part three – I’ve been working on the background scene over the past few weeks – building the canal, harbour and vegetation elements.

I’ve reused a barque temple that I made some years ago for a book called Egypt World and made some changes to make it more relevant to this scene (see below).

The festival Barque of Hathor part three
If you would like to use this image as a desktop background right click and save it to your computer then set it as a desktop background

I now need to put some town houses in the background and again I don’t have to remake these from scratch because I’ve built them before (see below)

After these tasks are finished I will populate the scene with people and that will be a big job – I’ll keep you updated with progress.

The festival Barque of Hathor part three
The festival Barque of Hathor part three

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The festival Barque of Hathor part three

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7 thoughts on “The festival Barque of Hathor part three”

  1. ever cease to be amazed by the achievements of the Egyptians. Their ingenuity enabled them to do things which were never again paralleled for many hundreds of years. They not only survived in a hostile environment but thrived.

  2. I never ceased to be Amazed at
    YOUR paintings if you remember
    Along time ago I asked you if I could use one of your pictures for
    My Gransons school project he got
    Hight marks for it I wanted to send
    You a picture of it but my computer broke down & I lost your
    Email address but now I have it
    Blessings Joseph

  3. At 76 years of age, I’m not quite sure how you create these mini-masterpieces via computer programs and your intuitive artistic talents, but I certainly appreciate your efforts. These glimpses of the glories of the ancient world are outstanding.

  4. Thanks for all you do Mark,this latest is fantastic and is now my background image keep up with the fantastic and interesting work.Looking forward to the next one.

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