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The festival of Divine Union of the goddess Hathor and Horus

It’s been more than a year since I made a temple reconstruction. I’ve been busy with my two kids. (By the way my ten year old son extracted the cost of a graphics card out of me after Christmas by beating me in an archery competition watch the video here)

The festival of Divine Union of the goddess Hathor and Horus is something I’ve written about in the past and would like to illustrate. The statue of Hathor would travel from Dendara to the temple of Horus at Edfu, a distance of 106 miles before the festival kicked off. On the way she would stop off at towns and villages and her sacred barque, containing her statue, would have rested within a local barque station over night.

Blessing would have been bestowed on the local community and there would have been a welcoming by the people and a celebration.

So I imagine a river boat transporting the sacred barque containing the statue, obviously with an entourage from the temple. Each day the flotilla would divert along some local canal to a town anchorage where a small chapel would stand. Over night the sacred barque would be taken from the boat to rest in this building.

The moment of arrival is going to be the subject of this reconstruction. I usually start with a rough sketch of the basic idea, and then build all the different elements from that sketch. You don’t usually see this bit – I normally just show the finished reconstruction. So here we go – this might take a few months.

The festival of Divine Union of the goddess Hathor and Horus

Now I have made a barque station before so rather than re-invent the wheel, I’ll adapt one of my old models – that should speed things up a bit. But I’ll have to make the houses, dock side, the people, the boat, landscape, water, plants and trees and pretty much everything else. So I’ll get back to you in about a week so you can see how far I’ve got.
Hathor part five
Hathor part four
Hathor part three
Hathor part two

10 thoughts on “The festival of Divine Union of the goddess Hathor and Horus”

  1. Hello,

    The sketch of a local barque station was excellent. Thank you. I will be anxious for anymore.


  2. Hiya Mark.
    Archery was great & the drawing of the barge & temple
    Look really good can’t wait to see
    Finished article.
    Blessings Joseph wadhams.

  3. Hi i’m Chris Matthew from Brooklyn New York continue to work hard and play hard Wishing you the best in all your endeavors escapades

  4. How delightful it is to see how the many temples and other edifices appeared to the ancient Egyptians instead of the ruins we see today. What a rich an vibrant scene it must have been. I eagerly await your finished artwork.

  5. I loved watching the Archery Tournament of you and your very cute son. Must admit I was rooting for your son. He has a very cute smile. Always look forward to your posts and artwork.

  6. I love everything you make!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful works with us to help us imagine Ancient Egypt. My husband and I went in February last year and we’re going back this November because we loved it so much.

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