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The festival Barque of Hathor part two

Hathor’s ceremonial barque and the canal boat

I’m building Hathor’s ceremonial barque and the canal boat that will carry it. I’ve been researching these objects for many years – the above slide show shows the development in stages.

The festival Barque of Hathor part two
Hathor and Horus at Dendara temple

Hathor was the daughter of Ra and the patron goddess of women, love, beauty, pleasure, and music. She is depicted in three forms; as a cow, as a woman with the ears of a cow, and as a woman wearing the headdress of a cow’s horns. In this last manifestation, she holds the solar disc between her horns. She was the consort of Horus,

There was a dark side to Hathor. It was believed that Ra sent her to punish the human race for its wickedness, but Hathor wreaked such bloody havoc on earth that Ra was horrified. He tricked her by preparing vast quantities of beer mixed with mandrake and the blood of the slain. Murdering mankind was thirsty work, and when Hathor drank the beer she became so intoxicated that she could not continue her slaughter.

The festival Barque of Hathor part two

Hathor part five
Hathor part four
Hathor part three

Hathor part one


VexedI’ve also been working on mobile game called Vexed, with my friend Simon Booth. I made the graphics – six themes including Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic and Chinese. It’s free with some ads. Each puzzle consists of a grid of blocks, walls and blank spaces. The goal is to remove all the blocks to progress to the next level.

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  1. I am so impressed by your work and research. We need more people like you in the world! Thank you sharing with my family and homeschoolers. ❤️

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